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  • What is person-centred counselling?
    Using this approach offers clients a safe, secure setting where there is no judgement. The focus of the counselling is decided by the client.
  • What is CBT?
    Cognitive behavioural therapy works by changing clients attitudes and behaviours by focusing on thoughts and beliefs that are stored and how these processes relate to the way a person behaves.
  • What is psychodynamic therapy?
    Psychodynamic focuses on the person's unconscious processes as they are displayed in their present behaviour. The goal of the therapy is to help the client's understanding and self-awareness of the effect of the past on present behaviour.
  • How will I know if counselling is for me?
    By having a consultation with me via the telephone and disclosing your problems / issues; we will then be able to decide if you would like to continue.
  • How many sessions will I need?
    I recommend 6-8 sessions to begin with, followed by a review at the sixth session to evaluate. My aim is to enable you to feel stronger, more in control and able to deal with life as soon as you feel ready.
  • What if I miss a scheduled appointment?
    Whilst I understand that life can sometimes get in the way, I do ask for at least 48 hours notice to cancel. Failing that, I will require a cancellation fee.
  • How can I book a consultation?
    If you are interested in counselling with me, please contact me directly via email, telephone or chat so we can arrange an initial consultation to suit you.
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